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Our herd of pedigree Belted Galloway's  roam freely within the perambulation of the New Forest — our farm has common rights which enable us to turn the cows out to roam wherever they wish within the 80,000 acres of the New Forest. We presently run a small suckler herd and autumn calve the cows in Sept/Oct. Our stock are fed locally produced silage and hay and supplemented with natural beet products with barley straw for bedding when they are over wintered back on the holding and when for the majority of their lives they are out on the Forest they are free to eat the grasses heather and browse on the Forest.

Whilst our herd is not registered as organic — as ridiculous as it seems the Soil Association will not presently acknowledge the Forest as such — they have only ever eaten a diet of naturally grown locally produced food. Unlike many other producers our cows roam the Forest itself and are not restricted to farm fields or sheds.

Galloway beef is renown for its quality and has a beautiful marbled content. Beef is frequently likened to wine—Galloway beef is definitely a quality red! — and we can only ask you to try and then compare the difference. We welcome you to come and visit the herd to inspect for yourself the natural conditions in which they live and thrive.

All our stock and beef is raised by our family on our New Forest holding— so we know each animal and can assure our customers that the animal has lived a full and stress-free life. We can fully ensure the welfare and well-being of all our animals and the beef that we produce as we look over and see to all our stock daily and tend their needs.

We want to offer you a Quality product at a value price so that you will come back — and       recommend us to your friends.
As practicing New Forest commoners’ our stock add to the grazing that is so vital to the management and well being of the complex habitat of the New Forest, as well as being much in demand by various bodies that care for the Forest and surrounding areas, as, being a native breed they are very effective grazers and have little impact on the delicate areas of the Forest.

Whether you are interested in buying stock or would like to sample our excellemt beef them please do not hesitate to contact us